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Real estate investors, search for Investment Property for Sale InvestorsClassifieds.com. Search the largest inventory of Investment real estate for sale, from duplexes and small office space listings to Land parcels, Mobile Homes, Multi Family Complexes and more...
Using the Advanced Search tool, users can narrow their selection to the exact type of investment property they are looking for, including city, state, zipcode, beds/baths and price range. You can make all of these specifications within the "Advanced Search" box select to ensure that you only see investment type of real estate properties you are interested in.

Residential Real Estate

A buy-and-hold or long-term strategy is better if you have ample capital and limited opportunities, if you have tremendous insight into the sweet spots and limited capital a short-term or flipping strategy would make more sense.

Commercial Real Estate

You can ask any real estate professional about the benefits of investing in commercial property and you'll likely get a download of info on how such properties are a better deal than residential real estate. Commercial property owners love the beneficial economies of scale, the additional cash flow, the relatively open playing field, the good it does for the local market and the large payoff from commercial real estate.

Land Real Estate

Land can be tricky but, has a lot of upside. Wherever you're looking, you can go by assessments. Whether you're in Montana or Wyoming or North Carolina or in your home county, one of your first stops should be the local assessor's office. Wholesale land investors may be a great source for finding your next deal and/or real estate people who have dealt in land for many years may know a lot of the local shakers movers that are straight shooters.

Multi Family Real Estate

The smart investors put multi-units in their portfolios along with single family houses. and there’s a lot less competition than there are in single family houses. The more units you have under one roof, the less risk you have.

Mobile Homes Properties

This may be an easy way to get into real estate investing. There are a lot of motivated sellers that will accept no-money-down and even dozen more sellers that will require only a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars to financing their homes.
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Real Estate Services

When looking for a professional in the Real Estate business it can sometimes be a challenge. We made it easy for you to be able to search by industry and locations. For the following categories: [checklist]
  • Mortgages / Lending / Finance
  • Contractors
  • Title Escrow Services
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Real Estate Agents
  • ...and more.
[/checklist] We also offer GEO targeting advertising for Real Estate Agents and Investors on Investors Classifieds for the same categories as above among others.

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"It's Just INCREDIBLY Amazing How Easy It
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Investors Classifieds is my go to place for buying and selling my wholesale deals.

Easy to use for me as a non techy person and their very quick support response. I feel confident every time I come to use the site I can get what needs to be done.

I will definitely be telling all my Real Estate friends.

- Mike Martin, www.martinrealestate.com

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