Establishing Real Estate Leads Over the Net

Posted on March 29, 2011 by IC N in Marketing
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The front page should contain an area wherein the visitor has to provide some personal information such as his complete name and/or email address. This information can be helpful when getting in touch with the visitor is later desired. When a visitor would rather not leave any personal information, it would be good to offer an option to let him do just that but still allow him to view the site. Such option will help draw in apprehensive visitors.


To keep new subscribers abreast with your listings, sending them newsletters every week is also a good strategy.

The second page of the website should showcase the best home or commercial listings for the browsers to see. Detailed images or pictures of well-lit living rooms, kitchen, master’s bedroom, and other beautiful angles of the house, apartment, or building should be visible for viewing for the online public. This is to showcase the real estate holdings being offered.

For accessibility and convenience, a link that allows visitors to put your site in their own list of bookmarks is also a good approach.

Moreover, a box provided on each page of listings that enables your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter by typing in their contact information like name, email address and phone number is a tactic worth adding up to your website.

To help boost the website’s visiting power, post quality written articles at Ezine Articles, that discusses about real estate and topics prospective buyers maybe thinking of. Place a link button at the last part of each write up. Include some information about the business that is being offered.

In addition, do not forget to advertise on real estate forums as often as possible and to attach your website address to your signature.

Lastly, publish your listings on main real estate addresses and append your complete contact information for easier communication with you.

Isn’t it easier to earn faster and bigger online? Hope that these steps will help boost your business and career in real estate.


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