Free Seminars to Attract Potential Clients and Customers

Posted on September 13, 2011 by IC N in Marketing
real estate leads at seminar

These seminars serve as a tool to increase the agent’s credibility as an expert or authority in the real estate business. In here, the agent/investor can opt to conduct a seminar or short lecture that discusses ways to increase the value of for sale homes for the general public who may be interested in putting their property on sale or for rent. With this kind of tool, agents create a more personal and credible way of advertising themselves and their services which postcards and newspaper ads cannot fully deliver.

When a certain topic has already been chosen, the next step to do is figure out where to hold the event. Usually, to answer this question one has to estimate how many peoplewill be attending the seminar. An expert says that a 10 to 20% of the potential clients who receive a post card invite will show up for the event. And this estimate becomesmuch more difficult to predict with newspaper advertisement and announcements. Hence, to get an accurate head account, it is better to give your prospective attendees an easy way to RSVP. In this way, you can get their names and contact numbers for future follow-up.

Also, experts state that the best paces to hold the seminar is someplace other than the office. This is because people might think that the seminar is just another sales pitch.If this is the case then, it is wise to rent a conference for $50-100 an hour or ask somefriends who may have a vacant room you can use. If you have more money to spend, a hotel conference room or a space at the local theater or yacht club could be a good place to hold a seminar for high-end clients.

Seminars may be too complex for some agents, but the key to mastering this very effective marketing and lead generation tool is by practice. Despite the difficulties and intricateness this event may hold, it is really an affair worth every ounce of effort given.