From Stressed Property Tax Payers to Rich Real Estate Leads

Posted on September 19, 2011 by IC N in Marketing
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keeping up withtheir bills and unemployment stats are still running high. In addition to this, propertytaxes have increased by 3.5 percent in most major and large cities across the country.With this news, it is not surprising that there are a number of people in the area who arebehind on their property tax bills and who maybe overwhelmed and are thinking aboutselling. Although this is not good news for homeowners, these circumstances can be anavenue to sift through tax lien certificates. This can tell which homeowners are really far behind and may need to sell ASAP.


To get to these property tax records, agents simply have to follow these recommendations.

1. Agents should know the county government’s website. County governments have official online pages that host an astonishing amount of public information including property tax records. Into a search engine, one only has to key in the name of his or her respective county and government. Or, he or she can just look on any official county document to find the site.

2. Agents can steer through their County Auditor’s page for records. County auditors are responsible for all the property tax records in the county. Right now, most auditors have websites with publicly searchable information. Agents can benefit from these pages since these are great places to find free property tax records directly from the source.

3. If the auditor’s page is not up-to-date, agents can use the county assessor’s website.They can search by property address, property owner’s name, or by street and view each property tax record.

4. If the county auditor or assessor’s website is unsearchable, agents can always
give their county office a ring or a knock. Whichever is the case, agents can get these records for free since these are publicly available.

Finding overdue taxes on properties serve as a good real estate lead for agents. Getting one’s hands on this information can remarkably add to an agent’s source of income.