Is “Rent to Own” Right For You?

Posted on November 22, 2011 by IC N in Residential
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a hard thing to do. After all, there are many pros and cons that you need to look into. But when you think about it, rent to own is just like any other real estate transaction. There are some reasons that you may want to move forward with rent to own, but at the same time, there may be some things that are holding you back. You need to weigh these against each other, and from there, decide on what wins out.


Rent to own may be right for you if you do not have a lot of cash, but still want to own sooner or later. With a rent to own deal you do not have to pay closing costs or a down payment; in this regard you are working more like you are renting a property. This is a great deal because you can one day own a home, but you will not have to spend a lot of up front cash. This alone is one of the main reasons that rent to own real estate has become so popular as of late.

But at the same time, you need to realize that rent to own can sometimes be difficult to deal with. For instance, if you do not know a lot about rent to own real estate, it would be very easy for a landlord to take advantage of you. Additionally, when you are in the renting stage you may be responsible for some things that go on in the house. These are all details that you need to touch on before you sign a rent to own agreement.

Rent to own may be just what you have been looking for. Learn the pros and cons before you make up your mind so that you can get the best deal possible.