Niche Real Estate Marketing

Posted on March 13, 2009 by IC N in Marketing

I’ve been waiting a long time for this day. The day that I have positioned Investors Classifieds to be #1 and now I can teach you too.

Investors Classifieds has been around since 2004 and has been a dream project of mine. The concept behind Investors Classifieds is to help people buy and sell wholesale properties. The first website was built around buying and selling discounted properties. We’ll it took me a while to figure out I can not change a key word in a Real Estate market by my-self. Meaning, “Discounted Properties” is not a search key word and there for, it got very little traffic.

I also thought if I build this really cool website that people would just show up. Boy!was I wrong. I’m sure at some point you’ve had that same thought. Here is the reality. Building website is just like building a store out in the Desert. If no-one knows about your store you will not get any traffic or sales.

I’m about to change all that for you…read on.

So, here is what I’m going to offer. I’m going to take on a select few to teach you how dominate your niche market. If you live in Phoenix I will except 3 Realtors that DO NOT deal in the wholesale market. I don’t mind competition but I have enough already.

So were is the proof?

Just go to Google, MSN or Yahoo and type in “wholesale properties”

Investors Classifieds is #1 (if not check back in a short time it will be back up from indexing. )

My traffic has a bounce rate of 35%. The Average is 40-60% with 40% being great!

The average time on my site is 7:32sec.

Here are some stats from Craiglist for the latest properties I’ve posted
(The first number is how many people went to my site from Craigslist and the second number represents viewing on Craigslist)

Depending on what date you view these links they may or may or be active. I do take them down when they are sold. 37 1732 33 2467 29 894 28 1168 26 1096 24 909 21 1879

Oh Ya! By the way, I have another site that is #1, 2, 6 & 7in a unrelated market niche. That’s why I’m so confident that I can do the same for you.

Here is what I’m going to teach you.

  • How to dominate your niche market. That mean a specific area (zip codes) at a certain price.
  • How my latest 7 Craigslist’s ads got an average of 1449 page views and most only get 10-to 20. Can you imagine getting 100 times more page views than your competitor?
  • How to get to the Top 5 on Google tomorrow.
  • How to read Google Analytics to help tweak your site and marketing.
  • Where to get 5 quality article written for $20 per week every week.
  • How to do short videos of your properties and were to post them.
  • How to market on Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more.
  • How TV shows like CNN and CNBC can help get traffic.

and more…

Here is what I cannot do for you. Sell the properties. That part is up to you. But, logic tells me if your reading this your wanting to do better as a Realtor and if your still a Realtor in this Market you must be doing some things right. Right?

The cost for this great information? For the average Realtor it will be about one sales commission. If you can see that dominating your market could get you 10 more sales over and over wouldn’t it be worth it? Because, once these Marketing strategies are in place most of them do not go away. You can hire a Virtual assistant very in-expensively to do rest on a weekly basis.


This is a Money back guarantee in writing.

I will show you exactly what to-do to dominate your niche market.


If interested call me at 480-382-7308 or email at kens {@} to discuss how we can help you dominate your niche market.