Open Houses Could Be a List of Potential Buyers

Posted on September 6, 2011 by IC N in Residential


And so, I did what he advised me to do. I grabbed a copy of all our listings and startedan open house. I contacted the sellers and persuaded them to allow me to do an openhouse of their home. For four long hours, I did just that. I was absolutely happy since itwas so well-attended. A lot of people dropped by to see the space for themselves. Butat the end of the day, not one of those people actually bought the home they visited. Italked to my friend Mike again, sulking.

“No one bought the house, Mike. I must have done something wrong. But I checkedeverything to the last detail. It was perfect.”

“My friend, people hardly ever buy homes they visit at open houses.”
I was puzzled. “So, why did you suggest that I do just that? I just wasted precious timeand effort.” I retorted with frustration.

“My friend, the point of open houses is not to sell the home but rather to open for you agate of potential list of clients ─clients who are going to buy something, if not now, thenin the near future. ”
“What? Really?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes, really.” Mike replied.

I tried to internalize the big information my friend Mike just dropped on me like a bomb.As I slowly digested it, I realized how true the information was. Although, no oneactually bought the house I opened, I have now in my hands a list of potential buyersfrom the registration list I have posted during the open house, complete with clients’names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Wow! I felt so great knowing

I can now start contacting these potential clients and follow them up on what kind ofproperties, housing, or estates they are looking for.

Through this little test I learned from my friend. Now, I know that open houses do nottypically mean selling the house you are trying to sell. Rather, open houses meanfinding for yourself a list of prospective buyers.