Probate Real Estate – The Untapped Market

Posted on May 10, 2011 by IC N in Residential

Now … are you seeing an opportunity here?

If you have ever read a book, attended a seminar or listened to a CD on real estate investing, you will have heard this one statement over and over; “You’ve got to find motivated sellers!” they shout.

Sound familiar? Well, guess what?

People who have inherited homes are motivated sellers! This is especially true if the house is in Michigan and they live in Texas. Distance apart is a super motivating factor. Chances are they have already made a couple of trips and are dreading the thought of making more trips. Most of us today lead very busy lives and the thought of having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to dispose of Mom and Dad’s old house is not very exciting to say the least.

Do you think if you contacted some of these folks, you might be able to find a couple that would be willing to sell to you if you could take this project off their hands?

Do you think if you could do this quickly so they would not have to take any more time out of their already hectic lives, they might be willing to give you a discount from the full market value?

Do you think if you could buy a $200,000 house for $150,000, you might be able to squeeze a dollar or two profit out of it?

If there’s any doubt in your mind, let me assure you … you absolutely can!

Investors in real estate markets all around the country; Phoenix, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston … are buying Probate properties at 10%, 20%, 30% discounts … and in some cases, even more.

Can you see why people who are working Probate Real Estate are reluctant to let the cat out of the bag? Who wants competition when there isn’t any? Their position is …. “Let them keep banging their heads against the wall, getting totally stressed out, trying to work foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, FSBO’s, REO’s, tax liens, etc. etc., and finally figuring out that it’s not as easy as the guy on television made it sound. In the meantime, we’ll keep the Probate Real Estate Market to ourselves!”

And besides that, everybody and his brother are already doing all the other strategies.

So the guy on the phone says, “It’s really that easy?”

And I replied, “It is … if you know how!”

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