Pumping Up Real Estate Leads with Flyers

Posted on September 20, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

direct approach of reaching potential clients and customers. While printed advertisements on TV and newspapers might be seen by far more consumers, experts say that only a few of these people are likely to visit or be motivated to knock on realestate offices. Besides their compelling function, distributing flyers to nearby offices and bystanders boosts sales significantly since the presence of the agent will be felt bycustomers in the area.

Unlike other advertising plans, drafting and printing flyers can be made without too much trouble. Designing them is not that complicated since most of the time only the front of a sheet of paper is used and laid-out with pictures and texts for the business promotion. This format is typically sufficient for most businesses as long as the output is appealing and conveys all the vital information about the business such as the services offered together with the agent’s name, contact number, and website address. In addition, agents can employ the services of good printing companies who can make very beautiful and communicative ads without having to pay for very expensive advertising agencies to work on it.

The production of these flyers is inexpensive, too. They can be printed directly from a computer and mass produced on a photocopy machine. They can be posted on tear away strips and on free boards at places such as the library or supermarket. Or,they can be stacked on places that have free publications such as the entrance to supermarkets. Other means to distribute these are for agents to hire a local teen toput flyers on cars at Wal-Mart. However, discretion is advised just to make sure that the teen does not violate any local laws regarding posting ads that might get him into trouble.

Thus, by using flyers for real estate marketing campaign, agents get more that what they have paid for. With its many advantages such as visibility, low cost, and easy design that other marketing campaigns are lacking of, increased client count and revenue generation will soon be achieved.