Real Estate Leads Are Right Under Your Nose!

Posted on August 18, 2011 by IC N in Residential

old people. They were just normal people business owner just like me.

There can be more than chamber in each city. In bigger cities there may be 5 or 6 chambers, each handling a portion of the city. There also may be specialty niches like districts, green or renovations. When searching make sure you find the best one that fits for your Real Estate business.

Here is a great website to get you started in finding your local chamber of commerce.

When joining the chamber you may get a list of all the members. Sometimes they just give this to you and sometimes you’ll have to buy or rent the list.  This will give you an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the members. Send them a small gift. Like a gift certificate or tickets, just create something everyone may like or use. This is a chance to introduce yourself and your business.

Include with the gift a short letter, a short background about you and your family. Then tell something about your business and your services.

Networking with the chamber members is not like a social networking event. You need to let it be known what you do but without shoving it down their throats. Each Chamber has committees and there is another opportunity to let your services be known if a particular project may impact or work with your Real Estate company.

You can also sponsor an event. Have your Real Estate Company be the sponsor for the next after 5 mixer or special event.

This is another great way to create Real Estate leads and should not be your primary source for leads. Be bold and be different in a way that people will come to you when there are 5 other Real Estate people in the group.

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