Real Estate Leads in The Obituaries?

Posted on November 2, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

for them to generate as many leads as they can possible create as well as to be deeply concerned and hands-on on their work to grow their business over time, they are still not generating enough. They come up short in the actual conceptualization of strategies and techniques needed to increase their visibility andties with potential clients.
Because of this problem, agents often rely on certain companies who specialize or sell real estate leads. For these services, agents are paying around $40 per lead to as muchas 40% for referral fees. That is too much, right? So, to spare yourself from getting yourself bankrupt even before you get the chance of actually getting an appointment with a client, here is a lead for you: Check the Obituaries.
This lead may sound off to you. But in actuality, this is an amazing lead. Have you ever thought for once how many people die each day leaving their properties to their heirs? Well, maybe not as often as pro real estate agents do. But kidding aside, there is good money in obituaries. If you check them out and do your research whether the decease downed a home, which his or her living relatives are thinking of selling, then you have yourself a possible client.
All you need to do is to be vigilant and patient in reading obituaries each day. Log down all their names as well their addresses when they were still alive. Identify the local court in the area where the deceased individual resided and visit the court’s Office of Records. Take a look at their property records to determine if the decedent owned any property. If they did, make your presence known to the surviving family. Sincerely say your condolences and introduce yourself and the service that you offer. Do not try to be pushy. Just tell them that if they need someone to help them sell the inherited property fast, you are their guy or gal.