Reporting Market Trends with Real Estate Newsletters

Posted on October 4, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

clients like bees to honey. Such tool adds business to an agent and is best employed online.
So how does one send out a market update? Simple. That is through Newsletters.

Deliver Valuable Information
Real estate newsletters are versatile marketing tools that deliver valuable information tohelp potential clients solve their real estate queries. It answers client’s questions abouthow the real estate market is doing. Aside from these, it provides clients some practical information they can live out as they maneuver the ups and downs and curves of buying or selling real estate.

Acts as a Promotional Campaign
The biggest advantage of real estate newsletters is that, aside from offering extensive information on real estate market trends, it can also serve as a form of direct advertisement to those who has subscribed to your newsletters. In the middle part or end part of the article, you can create a link which will turn readers to your websiteas soon as they click the button. Or in the article itself, you can inject or drop names of your company and the deals you have closed as well as free property listings with photos and descriptions of each property listed for sale.

Help Project Expert Image
One of the most essential benefits of using newsletters is its ability to portray you,the agent, as an expert in the real estate market. A content-filled newsletter positionsyou as a local market expert whom your clients can always come to whenever they have questions that needs clarifications. It helps clients to be attracted to you and to choose you as their agent when the time comes that that they will be purchasing orselling a home or property. The expert image that you project makes you a reliable and dependable real estate professional.

Offering a cash-free, content-filled newsletter to your clients, and business contacts is a great way for you to keep in touch and generate some, if not, many leads for your business. Not only do you initiate contact with potential customers, you also maintain an open communication with them.