Targeted Real Estate Leads Using Informational Websites

Posted on August 15, 2011 by IC N in Residential
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selling of homes. Right?
How are you going to capture the Real Estate leads? Well, one way is a giveaway, give a free downloadable ebook about buying or selling their home. You can write your own. It doesn’t have to be that big but 20-40 pages would be good. If you’re not a good writer or don’t have the time, go to your favorite search and type in “free plr” plr is Private Label Rights. These ebooks will be free and most of them you can change / modify however you feel the need and then put your name on it.

Getting a free website is easy and easy to setup. Here is a couple you can take a look at;,, and

Next is the capturing of the name and email. There are several paid email services call auto-responders that will run you $10-30 per month depending how big your list is and how many times you send out emails. Most of them have plugins that will install right into your website without any technical knowledge needed.

Offer some neighborhood stats, maybe some reviews of places people go and connect to the local schools. Have a review or a direct link to the schools websites.

Make sure that it registered with the 3 big search engines business network. This can bring you in a lot of leads just from being in those directories.

Pros – Depending on your marketing you could capture 1-10 new people every day. You wouldn’t have to maintain the website. Once it’s setup you’ll just have check on it once in while to make sure the website is still working. There are many free website you can use that you can create something in a matter of just a couple of hours without a lot of website knowledge.

Cons – Competition is probably the biggest con to having a website. With all the other businesses competing for the same targeted Real Estate leads and can be hard to get a good placement and keep your-self there.

Summary – Websites can be a great tool for creating Real Estate leads but like so many of the other tips it should not be your main source of Real Estate leads.

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