10 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Marketing Should Go Postal

Posted on May 17, 2011 by IC N in Residential

Seize Control of Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns
In real estate, direct marketing is all about building and maintaining an active, vibrant list of potential clients. And there is no better way to do this than via direct mail. It should be the cornerstone of any real estate marketing plan.

Real estate professionals who consistently deploy direct mail real estate marketing campaigns in their desired market niches enjoy stealth market penetration and better recognition than those who rely solely on other direct marketing methods.

If you’re already using other real estate marketing media, direct mail is a perfect complement to these efforts. If you have a Web site for example, you can use direct mail to drive the traffic you want to your site, not just whatever random visitors the search engines and pay-per-click (PPC) Internet ads manage to attract.

Tap the Direct Mail Advantage
Direct mail offers at least 10 outstanding benefits to real estate investors and professionals who are focused on building real estate wealth. Among the advantages are:

  1. Targeted Lead Generation: Get the leads you want based on the market niche or geographic area you choose.
  2. Stealth Market Penetration: Tap emerging hot real estate markets while your competition is busy chasing the technology dragon or running to the hardware store for more signage.
  3. Personalized Mailings: While everyone knows a personal greeting gets the best response, no marketing medium does this better than direct mail real estate postcards and letters.
  4. Cost Efficiency: When you sit down and crunch the numbers, the costs of advertising, whether it’s in newspapers, on the Internet or on some form of signage, can quickly soar out of control.
  5. Infinite Scalability: With direct mail, you set the limits and can count the return on your real estate ROI (return on investment). You can send as many – – or as few mailings as you wish in whatever markets you desire.
  6. Dependability: Snail mail gets the job done regardless of the weather, it never expects a raise or requires management like employees do.
  7. Building Credibility: When you send put a quality mailing in a local area, you’re building a name for yourself and your business in a way that other real estate marketing methods can’t touch.
  8. Campaign Flexibility: You can start and stop and otherwise modify your real estate campaign mailings on a whim.
  9. Better Deals: The more leads you have, the more selective you can be about the deals you select to build your business.
  10. Limited Competition: Other media, such as newspapers and the Internet can’t keep your business secrets. With direct mail real estate marketing, your competitors have no way to know what your sending and how often.

Watch Your Bottom Line
Don’t waste your precious marketing dollars chasing a bankrupt needle in a haystack! With direct mail real estate marketing, it’s easy to make educated decisions about deals because you decide exactly what types of properties and homeowners you want to target based on the criteria you define.

When direct mail, your marketing campaigns are properly planned and consistently executed, direct mail real estate marketing is proven effective, efficient, and it offers users the flexibility to easily quantify and replicate results on demand.

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