3 Places to Find Private Lenders And What To Say To Potential Lenders

Posted on April 30, 2009 by IC N in Residential

At first it wasn’t easy. We didn’t sign up a private money lender for almost a month and a half into our marketing efforts.

“Hi Trevor,

Finally, someone who is for real. I just started listening to your info and I am thrilled at the value of the content. After being bombarded with useless information and empty promises, you are a breath of fresh air.

I am looking to invest in mobile home communities and apartment buildings with 12% to 14% caps but need money to make this possible. Can you advise me on how to get private money for this type of investing?

Keep up the good work. God Bless You!

Rosie “

Trevors Answer: Yep, Rosie, that’s exactly what our Private Money Blueprint course is created for… we’re putting together truthfully the best private money training around… no gurus allowed either 🙂

– Trevor

Rosie D.
Real Estate Investor

But, one by one we started to generate a ton of leads through our website and those leads started turning into private money lender commitments… and the money followed soon after we emailed out the project packages for each development project on the books.

It was kind of crazy how easy it was, once we developed and refined our marketing and follow up strategy, to bring on new private lenders who were routinely writing checks for $6k, $25k, $100k for these high yield “trust deed investments”.

Really, once we figured out what these private money lenders were looking for and how we had to squash their objections… we were off to the races and things were pumping pretty darn good.

A few of the things we developed during the 5 months I headed up the trust deed marketing program include…

– Detailed private lender enrollment packages

– Detailed but highly systematizable project packages we handed out to potential lenders

– An effective yet simple private money lender generating website

– A fractionalized note system that ensured lender safety

Here’s a quick look at the site I developed for them…

trust deed program site

We developed some pretty darn cool and effective systems and materials to recruit private money lenders more easily and quickly.

Anyway, all of this showed me that my fears about getting private money easily were unfounded… and once again they were unfounded just a bit over a year later because

A 27 Year Old “Kid” From South Carolina Generated Over $6 Million In
Private Money In 6 Short Years!

And just like with me, he started in college and funded his first deals with private money and has never stopped since. His first deal netted him about $25,000 profits because he was able to find a private lender… and most recently he just made another $15,000 on a deal funded with private money.

In fact, the $6 million number is a “round” number that was as of early in ’08… that doesn’t even take into account any of the private loans he’s secured since then.

Here’s just one check he’s recently got from a private money lender… (Palmetto Property Solutions is the name of his business)

37k check

Not too bad for a young twenty something whos never had a job since college other than real estate investing…

And even more.

Ken Spohn

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