Bird Dogging In Real Estate

Posted on February 26, 2014 by IC N in Wholesaling
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Bird Dogging In Real Estate


Terry Smith

A lot many people want to know the best way to start in real estate industry because you can get involved in real estate in more ways than one. You can buy real estate rentals for enhancing income and create long term wealth. You can also buy land and build houses or buy rundown houses and fix them and sell. You can also speculate and buy real estate and wait for values to appreciate. All these are capable of being done with means at hand but if you ask me, I would suggest real estate wholesales, real estate jobbing or bird dogging real estate. Choose to call it by any name; the fact is that there are many advantages available to real estate wholesalers.

Real estate is a capital intensive business when you buy real estate. Real estate wholesalers do not buy properties, they simple locate profitable deals. They do all the hard work. They hunt for great deals like a bird dog and sell them to investors. The next big advantage is that you can do real estate wholesaling in your spare time.

Let me first explain what wholesaling implies in real estate. Unlike a wholesaler of commodities, a real estate wholesaler does not buy and sell in bulk. Real estate wholesales involve handing over single deals to investors. Handing over here implies handling over on a silver platter. A real estate wholesaler does a lot of marketing to generate leads, sift through them, identify motivated sellers, negotiates and gets control over properties. This control is acquired through a contract, which a seller signs, agreeing to sell at a specific price within a specific period. Real estate wholesalers use this period to find investors who have cash and are ready to close. Your focus as real estate wholesaler is on negotiating a price that allows a profit to both, you as well the investor.

There is zero risk in wholesaling real estate as you are only find qualified leads for investors. You use a variety of sources according to a systematic process of generating leads. What adds to the advantage is that you earn while you are learning. It is, in fact, a jumping board from where you can launch a full-time career as real estate investor.

Starting as a real estate wholesaler gives you the opportunity to build relationships with experienced players. Real estate investment involves lots of things besides writing a purchase and sales agreement with sellers and assigning them to investors. Mentors have little time to teach everyone who asks. Bring something of value to them and see how things change. Once they see there is profit to be made they will be more willing to teach you the hidden secrets of success.

If you wish to succeed in real estate wholesaler you need to know what investors are looking for: the localities, the price range et al. actually, you work as a detective. Investigate every clue (lead) and see if there is profit to be made. Once you locate a great deal, you zero in and get the seller to sign an iron clad contract.

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Terry Smith is a real estate entrepreneur who is also a coach and mentor to many budding real estate aspiring agents. He owns Large Profit Wholesale Deals and can help you get the largest wholesale deals on property without really risking too much of your own money. Learn how you can become the best in the wholesale real estate industry by checking out the comprehensive report that tells you how to evaluate real estate properties.