Changes make a “Sure” Real Estate Buyer or Seller

Posted on November 17, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

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However, despite this plunge in the real estate market, there are still some agents whoare thriving in these hard times. Fortunately for them, they have learned the solution on how to keep those appointments, sales, and commissions from coming in. And this solution is about: finding the “sure” buyers and sellers.

In today’s market, the “sure” real estate buyers and sellers are the only leads that keep some reale state agents successful, still. These  “sure” real estate buyers and sellers are defined to be people who do not have the option of whether or not they are going to buy or sell a home. They are the “must” buyers and sellers who are in terrible need of a real estate agent. (Well,not so terrible for you, if you are in real estate.)
To find these “sure” buyers and sellers, a quick way is to try locating groups who are likely to buy or sell a home for the simple reason of CHANGE.

People who are going through a transition are a good indicator whether a person buys or sells a home. A couple who are expecting or have just given birth might need a bigger house now that their family is expanding. A one-bedroom apartment can seem inadequate to address the needs of a bigger family.

A promotion at work can make one eligible to buy that dream house now that he can afford to pay for it. A kid off to college might signal the need to sell the house and opt for a smaller one in order to pay for college. A woman who just lost her husband might think of selling her home in a few months. (This one would require some thought to go about it tactfully).

These people are examples of “sure” buyers and sellers that you need to convince that you are the real estate person they are looking for. To get hold of these people, read the papers, especially the small ones – they’re chockfull of this information. Google the name, get an address or phone number depending on your marketing strategy, and go or it. Business journals are good for promotions and relocation information, too.

Helping these people who are transitioning generates a reward not only for you but also for them whom you are helping through such dramatic life change. Once you have made the effort to contact them, be dedicated in your marketing so you can be sure that they will do business with you.