CPR Commercial is buying up the unwanted.

Posted on August 29, 2010 by IC N in Commercial
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Don McClain

Based in Austin, Texas, the commercial realty investment firm is actively engaged in the proactive-oriented marketing of commercial properties, with recognizable competence in nationwide networking with other Real Estate affiliates.

The same national connection equips the company with the necessary skill to effectively collaborate with sellers, banks, asset managers, brokers and developers.

The company is also able to create sales opportunities by effectively laying out quick close scenarios, which allow for maximum capitalization of scarce industry opportunities.

Such opportunities were indeed hard to come by for an industry already battling the ills left behind by its artificial growth, marked by housing surplus, low mortgages and over leveraging, that suddenly fizzled out and devastated both the residential and commercial segments of the industry.

So grave were the problems that many residential and commercial owners were compelled to resort on ‘strategic defaults’ where they just walk away from their distressed properties.

With that scenario, which is further complicated by high vacancies, soaring debts and tight credits, convincing qualified buyers to make their investments is proving to be an impossible task for many realtors.

However, CPR, being a wholesale commercial real estate company, entices prospective sellers by not going through the usual retail transactions but by introducing fresh solutions to the market in order to meet the requirement of a particular client.

A bank or a property owner wanting to sell an asset would be amazed by CPR’s efficiency in going through the details of the transaction, expediting the whole process, conducting due diligence and hastily closing the deal, thereby providing added value and services to customers contracting the company’s unique services.

Also, CPR is quire proficient in providing accelerated loan reviews and assessment and loan pools from financial institutions aiming to get rid of non-performing mortgages and subsequently spruce up their balance sheets.

CPR’s extraordinary competence in creating opportunities in both commercial and single family notes should prove handy for banks and portfolio lenders already swamped by an oversupply of assets and notes.

In the end, CPR appears to be running high on its supplies of creative ways to deal with whatever market difficulties it would encounter and instead spawn opportunities in a struggling property market that badly needs the valuable contributions that the company is much willing to provide.