Five Effective Ways to Draw Sellers and Buyers To Your Real State Investment Website

Posted on June 5, 2014 by Kim in Marketing, Multi-Family, Residential, Single-Family Houses, Wholesaling

For people in the real state industry, failure no longer equates to losing or loss, but rather a stepping stone for more and more closed deals in the future. Those that are successful in the business know that being number one means not having to give up in spite failed investments, unmotivated sellers, difficult contractors, and every kind of disappointment.

This kind of attitude has brought forth many interesting and effective marketing ideas to flip a flop into an achievement. One of the most effective ways successful realtors use is a real state investment website. Setting up a website can put you on top of the game if you play your cards right. There are specific elements that your website needs to have in order to pull a lot of audience, leads and even motivated sellers.

We have rounded five of the website marketing tools that have been proven to boost the number of closed deals, and eventually loyal clients.

Social Media

How many people in the world do not have a Facebook or Twitter today? My guess is lesser than those who have social media accounts. This generation has not only popularized social media sites, but made it a part of their life and it makes these sites a valuable tool for marketing. Add social media widgets on your site (even if you’re not really fond of them) to allow users to share with their friends and family the properties on your latest listings. This means that it reduces the workload in marketing the properties because they have done it for you.

Video Marketing

Some users do not have the patience to read the text on your website. Putting up video marketing on your website that plays automatically once the page is accessed can snag their attention, which gives you time to market your page and your services.

Sound friendly and conversational in your videos, and present information that is beneficial to your viewers. It is best to target positive emotions like happiness and excitement, so they remember you and your page.

Squeeze page

Free E-books and other educational materials can be a good way to appeal to viewers, and a great way to generate leads as well. You can do this through a squeeze page, which asks for contact information before they are routed to the E-books’ landing page. You may also use promotions you offer instead of E-books.

Follow Up Responders

Once you have built your site, a lot of people would want to get in touch with you. It is crucial to respond to them as soon as possible or else they will lose interest. Fortunately, follow-up responders can be set to reply automatically to those who contact you. You can set up messages like “Thank you for your interest. I will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours”. And, make sure you really get it touch with these people.  You may even configure an auto-reminder, which sends you an email or maybe text to prompt you about an appointment.

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