5 Steps To Help Sell Your Faster

Posted on February 23, 2009 by IC N in Residential

3. Advertise your home. Advertisement is always effective in getting consumers. Many ways to advertise your home:

a. Advertise your home on the newspaper. It requires extra budget, but it is worth lots of people to read your advertisement.

b. Put an announcement board or banner in front of your home. This will make everybody who crosses the street to know your sale and perhaps tell it to their relatives. The bigger the banner is the better.

c. Print lots of brochures or leaflets and disseminate it in public places. And do not make the information narrative; just a few pointers that has your home picture and contact number on it.

d. Tell your friends and relatives. This could be the easiest way to advertise your home. I personally do not prefer friend/relative-related consumers, but as long as they can give you a good price, why not? And also, friends and relatives are usually kind enough to help us to look for buyers. That’s what friends are for, right?

4. Hire a broker service. A Real Estate Broker will help you to market your home even better since they have lists of potential buyers. They are definitely the expert to help you in negotiating with buyers and basically arranging your home sale (from the first step). You can call them as the middleman. If you do not want to waste your time, you could just contact few brokers and ask for their services. The consequence is you have to share a certain percentage of your home selling price with them. So, if you do need to sell your home very soon, I would recommend this strategy.

5. Rent to Own. A Rent to own AKA Lease option is probably the quickest way to get from under those payments. It is almost like a rental but normally the new potential owner is responsible for most minor repairs. This is all negotiable. When using this method you also have some down-side. First, the mortgage is still in your name. Second, if the Leasor doesn’t pay you still need to evict them as a normal renter. Make sure that you have two contracts with them. One to rent and a option to purchase. Consult with a legal professional before choosing this option.

Best of luck in selling your home!