Flipt.co: Trulia and Zillow’s Newest Rival

Posted on June 2, 2014 by Kim in Agent, Latest Real Estate News, Marketing, Real Estate News

Trulia and Zillow are two of most visited websites by those who wish to maximize the power of the internet and information in making sound real state decisions. Buyers, sellers and even real state professionals rely in the information gathered from these sites to determine how much they should sell the property for, or whether buying it would be a profitable move.

However, in the early part of May, another website comes in and challenges the reliability of the latter, when it comes to guiding real state investors do lucrative business choices. Flipt.co promises a consumer-based interface that allows its members to predict whether a home or apartment would be a profitable rental property or not, and more.

Andrey Nokhrin, CEO of FLIPT, explained that the website is aimed in equipping buyers and sellers with valuable analytics that can’t be found on other real state sites. The site boasts its unique feature that can calculate a property’s prospective appreciation value over a period of time (Buy & Hold), the possibility of a short-term investment (Fix & Flip), and predict the rent and cash flow potential (Rent out). It rates the selected property from zero to 100 in each of the following features or categories, wherein the higher score indicates a more suitable investment return for the property.

Flipt.co explains that this useful and reliable information is backed by a complex algorithm with the capacity to deduce, translate and decipher a mixture of data available to the public and identify the best turnover for a specific property. The company also offers a Pro package which is specially designed for real state agents who would want to get in touch with the site’s users.