Generating Real Estate Leads by Joining Civic Organizations

Posted on August 26, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

good working and low cost lead? The answer is simple; it is “within your community”.

A good way of generating real estate leads without spending too much is to join local civic organizations such as Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Junior League, or volunteer organizations in your locale. By joining groups like these, you develop a network of friends and acquaintances that might help you pass your name to people who are interested in selling their homes, condominiums, or estates or are acquiring some of these properties themselves. Through the word of mouth, your friends can be a good vehicle for you to be known as someone who is in the business of real estate.

But, as I have already said, this is one of those leads that might probably not give you an instant outcome. This could take a bit longer. That is why, it is very important for you to be patient and not come on to strong with these people. They will remember you at the exact time you are needed. Just give them a friendly reminder that you are in the business. Like “Hey John, did you know the market actually went up in east side of Phoenix last quarter. If you know anyone looking in that area I can still find some great deals”. And just leave it at that.

Now, when John goes to work the next day and talks to Bill about his weekend, something like this might happen: Bill mentions to John that he and his wife are out looking for homes on the east side of Phoenix. And at this precise moment, John will tell Bill about you and how you may be able to help him and his wife.

Isn’t this tip great? You get to help the community, know a lot of people, pass your name around the social circles, and boost your business campaign. This is definitely a great and cost-effective way of generating that lead you have always been thinking about.


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