Get $8k Tax Credit From your Tenants?

Posted on July 27, 2009 by IC N in Residential



90 Minutes Long

“How to Use the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit to Sell
Properties Creatively and Collect Up to $8,000 Cash Down”

In today’s real estate market, bargain properties are easy to come by. But what’s the best strategy for making money on deals, when there are so few qualified home buyers to sell them to?

One answer was handed to us by congress, when it passed the “First Time
Homebuyer Tax Credit”. With this program, millions of buyers can purchase properties before December 1, 2009, and get up to $8,000 from the IRS just for doing it!

Smart real estate investors know that selling houses using land contracts and other installment sale techniques can be a profitable and in-demand strategy, but very few understand the legalities and technicalities of getting these large cash downpayments through the first time homebuyer tax credit. That is, until now…

This E-Course Shows You:

  • Who these “first time homebuyers” are-they’re NOT just people who have never owned a home!
  • What a land contract is, and the exact language you need to include to collect up to 10% from the U.S. government (mess this up, and you may never see a dime)
  • How to market to buyers to sell a home in days, not months
  • How to convert your existing tenants to buyers-and when you’d never, ever
    want to do that
  • How to screen applicants and set up a win-win deal
  • The exact process, step by step, to get the tax credit check into YOUR hands, not your buyers’
  • All the forms you’ll need to file, all the contracts you’ll need to execute-it’s a
    complete instruction guide, and it’s not available anywhere else!

The First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit expires December 1st, 2009, so grab your copy of this incredible E-Course now! You’ll be sent the complete E-course within 24 hours after you order!