How to Setup My Account if Paid Offline

Posted on April 12, 2011 by IC N in FAQs
These are instructions for new users that have paid offline.

If your not a tech savvy person or the Internet is something
your not comfortable with. Here is a step by step instruction to help you out.


The information will look slightly different if you did not come through an email.


Go to
To create an account.

You will need to login at this point. The login is about halfway
down the page on the left side.

Next, on the top left side look for the “Ultimate Lead System – Members” menu.
Click on the “Home” text.
Then follow the instructions on the order form just like you are going to
make a purchase. Choose Paypal or Google checkout it doesn’t matter.
Now, when it comes time to checkout and pay, just enter the coupon code
and hit the apply button. This should automatically set you up and then say thank you for
your order.
Within a couple of minutes you should get an email with instructions how to login and
setup your account.

If you do not get your emails with-in 30 minutes please contact us at

We need to make sure you getting your emails, because that is where the system is going to send them.