Investing in Real Estate The Right Way With the Help of a Wholesaling Expert

Posted on June 22, 2014 by Ken in Marketing, Real Estate, Wholesaling

Kent Clothier, The expert real estate investor and billion-dollar businessman, shares his tools and methods in a free, four-hour DVD class that will help beginners to established investors alike. Much of the work in investing is finding the right systems to automate the tough work, meanwhile focusing on activities that will give you higher leverage to work smarter and make more money.

One of the country’s top investment real estate wholesalers, Ken Clothier, has recently released a new training curriculum where he shares his secrets of success. The course comes as two DVDs that have four hours of training material. Students will be able to follow and complete the course in one day and be able to understand the tactics he uses to sell up to $200,000 in different real estate transactions in one day.

Within the course there are exciting methods to help investors to make a relationship with their prospects and he shares the three worse mistakes that investors tend to make. He also shares the concept of “client generation” compared to “transaction generation” which allows one to put the business into motion on its own.

Within the training Clothier will show students the precise tactics that he used in building his own 1.8 billion dollar investing company, which he now uses in his real estate ventures.

Students who have taken the course have showed and shared their great improvement and increase in sales with one student saying “my sales have stayed the same, and yet I have increased my net worth… there is so much more to this than meets the eye.” With so many want to be gurus out there they have nothing to back up what they are saying, but Clothier is the real deal willing to share for free.

Those who wish to learn more and start something new and exciting in their career by getting the free DVD should simply place their order now. Click Here