It Pays To Aggressively Market Your Wholesale Real Estate Business

Posted on April 28, 2011 by IC N in Residential
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Pushing yourself in the knowledge of potential buyers and sellers is the first crucial step of the marketing pitch for wholesale property business, according to him, emphasizing too the core importance of zeroing in on the deal “before anyone else knows about them.”

Johnson said that creativity is selling your business is the key in the absence of rich capitals as he noted that “it doesn’t take a lot of money, but it does take dedication and effort,” which he said is almost applicable to all wholesale real estate start-ups.

He added that while the conventional marketing tactics may work for everybody, the need to shine must be considered by real estate practitioners as he pointed out that “you want to separate yourself from the masses, stand out from the crowd,” which he said is achievable through the employment of smart marketing.

Johnson said that smart marketing calls for the implementation of techniques that would work and make a connection to your targeted market and first thing to consider in doing so is making your presence felt with your area’s legal experts.

He said that establishing contacts with attorneys that are adept in handling bankruptcies, foreclosures, family law, probate, estate planning and real estate could be crucial in introducing you to their network of clients that may require your services.

Connecting with these people, Johnson said, can be done by sending over letters with business particulars included on them.

It will also help your business if you can slowly build up your own network of people that can effectively give you the inside track on your specific market for your large-scale property business, according to Johnson.

These people, he reminded, can be the everyday personalities that your get to meet everyday such as the pizza delivery boy, the mail man and the lawn mowers, who are out there every single day mingling with numerous households and can sound you off on potential deals. Clearly, no opportunities are wasted in this fashion of aggressive marketing.

On thing to keep in mind though before you hand out rewards to these valuable contacts each time they give you profitable leads, consult your attorney to ensure that you are within legal bounds in doing. Better be sure that treading the risky path on this matter.

Johnson also highlighted the importance of carving established connections with reliable private lenders, who he said are very handy not only in financing your wholesale contracts but also in providing you viable information on foreclosure cases that you could transform into an investment opportunity.

Lastly, the property marketing guru firmly believes that bold marketing will not hurt your business a bit. That means erecting the ubiquitous sign that says ‘Buying Properties’ on many locations that would invite inquiries and sales for your wholesale real estate business.

The declarations, Johnson said, can be posted on utility poles, vacant houses, street corners, tress and even your car, to make the marketing more mobile. Keep in mind though that legalities can be encountered doing this sales technique so better check with the legal man.