Justin Wilmot Case Study: How He Got $1,000,000 In Private Money From One Private Lender

Posted on July 7, 2009 by IC N in Residential
  • Justin just got a commitment from one private lender of $1,000,000 as a line of credit that Justin can now use to make cash offers on properties with confidence.
  • Now Justin will close more deals because of the cash he now has available to him (at great terms… and Justin never had to show his credit score, sign an application… none of that)… and more deals will mean A LOT more money in his pocket this year and beyond.
  • Congrats Justin!

    Over the weekend Patrick and I decided to release the remaining copies of the PMBP program that we have left from the initial 250 we ordered in May. We’ll be releasing them Wednesday July 8th. I just took this screen picture today from the backend of our home study course maker.

    We’re not big on hype and scarcity and all of that… but that is how many programs we’re going to sell and that’s it. We’re not sure when we’ll order any more after this (or if we will)… but after this 39 are gone we’re definitely going to up the price and take away some of the bonuses (like the free private lending website) for everyone else who buys in the future because we learned it’s a lot more work than we initially thought to answer the students emails every day (which we love to do by the way!)…

    … and those “private money getting” websites cost me too much to pay my web guy to set them up and maintain them to give them away as bonuses forever (only the 39 who get in Wednesday will get the private money getting website that cost me $3,500 to have my web guy build from scratch for me).

    … hope you grab one of the 39 systems we have left! CLICK HERE!