Long Beachers Get Help From a Wantagh Real Estate Broker

Posted on February 10, 2013 by IC N in Latest Real Estate News

Bryan Murphy, a real estate broker from Wantagh is well aware about the power social media has during crisis. He also put this knowledge into good use after Hurrican Sandy left Long Beach devastated.

Mruphy, who is a resident in Long Beach but also has an associate brokers license in Wantagh with RE/MAX Innovation, created a community page on Facebook called “Sandy Help LB”. Through the page that was created on November 1, he is looking for volunteers to help homeowners and victims of the storm in the Long Beach area to clean up. He has already managed to gather dozens and dozens of volunteers to lend their hand for gutting and cleaning homes.

Murphy said that Facebooks has literally saved lives of Long Beachers.

RE/MAX Innovations, his company, was about to open a new office in Long Beach at 120 West Park Avenue but the place was damaged in the hurricane.

According to Murphy, they had just finished working and installing their phone system to be ready to open their doors on November 1, when the hurricane struck.

Murphy started by helping to clean victims homes and drag out wet furniture to dry off when he came to the realization that much more volunteers would be needed to accomplish all the work and the area needed a larger cleanup scale.

David Spiegel, the owner and broker of RE/MAX Innovations, give his blessing and Murphy opened a Facebook page, which by now has found thousands of followers and many people started offering their help to the hurricane victims.

Murphy said that they wanted to help out all the people whose homes were destroyed. People didn’t have any electricity, no clean water, no plumbing. Many homeowners had lost everything in their homes, including their carpeting, furniture, sheet rock and all the rest.

Murphy himself lives at 370 West Broadway in Lafayette Terrace and his home was also damaged by the hurricane, he has been living at his mothers home in Rocville Centre ever since. Murphy said that a number of volunteers including some Molloy College baseball team members will start assisting victims on Friday noon.

He explained also that after cleaning all the homes, fresh supplies will be needed, like sheet rock that should be installed in many of the damaged homes.

In Wantagh and Long Beach, David Spiegel kept his offices open to provide hurricane relief by providing coffee, donuts, Internet connection with laptops and computers, TV access and phone service to his employees and also community members. He has also provided supplies like gloves, shovels and garbage bags to help in cleaning up damages caused by Sandy. He also had a phone number set up, (516) 292-7347 to help local businesses who are left without communications. Using this number, RE/MAX Innovations relays their business calls to them.