Modern Wealth Building Formula: How to Master Real Estate Investing

Posted on November 19, 2019 by IC N in Uncategorized

I know it’s been a while. Actually we are in the process of working on Version #3 of Investors Classifieds. I will have a total new face lift, and backend has been redesigned to be faster and more reliable.


I am super excited to share that my friend’s Ken Van Liew book, Modern Wealth Building Formula: How to Master Real Estate Investing is available NOW FOR ONLY .99 cents on Kindle. You can purchase the book now by clicking this link to purchase the book:

Ken’s goal is to help entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and employees who want to break free from the constraints of trading time for money, expand their investment portfolio, and sculpt a more fulfilling and prosperous life through real estate investments. Let’s help Ken achieve his goal by purchasing your own copy TODAY! Click Here: