Real Estate Postcards can Help Draw-in Leads

Posted on October 4, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

generating leads. This marketing strategy is a time-tested way to draw new clients, promote services, publicize new listings on the market, and endorse open houses, investment and home buying seminars, and other real estate events.

High rate of readership
A postcard is a great way to invite prospective buyers to the services you offer. Often times, it serves to be a more effective tool of broadcasting your services than texts and emails. This fact is supported by the simple truth that postcards have a high rate of readership compared to emails. Most people will delete an email without ever opening it given the fact that they get a load of spam messages in their emails everyday.

Short, Simple and Friendly
Although most readers are already familiar that your real estate postcard is somewhat like a commercial ad, they will still read your card anyways because the message is short, simple and friendly. Reading your message does not take up a great deal of someone’s time, making the chance of someone willing to see and read your postcard greater.

Charming Picture
The eye-catching picture printed on one side is an effective means of attracting the audience’s attention, as well. The colorful and beautiful shots of houses and other estates that you have closed in your area can grab people to take a peek or short glance on your postcard. Once they see the picturesque scene, they will delve into the beauty of the home you just closed and presented on the card. They will even go to the length of actually reading your message. Moreover, if they see how beautiful the card is,they might even decide to keep it and place it on their refrigerators as a remembrance. In this way, you will never be forgotten and once they do decide to buy a home, your postcard will be the first thing on their mind.

The postcard marketing strategy, which has been used in some form or fashion by
hundreds of real estate agents, can help you build your business by generating for you a number of responses from prospects. Through a well-differentiated postcard, you willdefinitely benefit from the responses this marketing tool can pull in.