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How to Establishing Your Real Estate Investment Criteria

Posted on March 23, 2009 by IC N in Finance

ConstructionHere are two simple questions?

Do you want to learn how to identify your real estate market, investment criteria
and filter the best deals into your pocket?

Do you want and have other people do the work for you?

Let me show you what I have learned over the years so you don’t get stuck
performing “analysis paralysis” and never finding what you want. With investment
criteria and direct focus on what you are trying to achieve and the ability to
convey this message in your delegation of tasks is half the battle. It will help you
streamline your success. Since it only takes one large deal to hit big why waste
time spinning your wheels in your wrong direction. Below I will show you a quick
thought process so you can create your investment criteria into the form of an
executive summary so you can use this as the basis for brokers to focus on your
real estate and financial goals for you.
The first thing you want to do is determine the market when you are seeking real
estate investments. The choices are Residential – single family homes, condos,
multi-family, apartment buildings; Commercial – office, condos; Retail – shopping
malls, high end; Industrial – large box; Special projects – golf courses or driving
ranges, ice rinks, recreation; Senior Housing – assisted living, nursing homes,
geriatric families, etc. There are several market to choose from and different
experts in each market that will work for you.

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