Transient Employees, an Effective Real Estate Lead

Posted on November 5, 2011 by IC N in Residential

keep in your mind to never stop doing your best in trying to find them. A warning though in your pursuit of these leads, not all leads is effective. For example, purchasing leads from companies who sell and offer this kind of information may not help you at all.

These companies may sell you out of date list of contacts. And when you keep in touch with these clients, you might just find out that they have already been contacted by other real estate agents, like yourself.
Since they have already been tapped by others, you will have a lower chance of making
a deal with them. So, you just spent a lot of your money getting a dead-end lead.

If you are looking for that next great lead that will surely make you a success, here is
one: knock on major corporations or neighborhoods that have transient qualities.

Targeting this specific demographic will help give you a portion of the real estate takings
in the area. Since employees of these major companies frequently relocate, there is always the need to sell or buy a home property or estate.

To get started, you have to contact the human resource department of the corporation and introduce yourself to them. Tell them who you are and the service you offer. Ask them if you can work with them to help their employees buy and sell their homes.
Get friendly and sincere with the HR managers and staff so that you can earn their trust and agree to affiliate with you with regards to real estate matters. Be persistent but never pushy. Always follow-up with the management so that they will always remember you, too.

This lead is a very effective means of getting your business running and running. Keep
this lead well for you will never lose clients and the “greens”, as well.

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