Why Realtors are Better than Computers

Posted on June 6, 2014 by Kim in Agent

As a result of the internet’s influence in almost every aspect of our lives, millions of websites have been put up and developed to make every user’s life easier and more mobile. You no longer need to go to a bank or be placed on hold for a ridiculously long time when you want to check your balance or make bank transfers since the introduction of online banking. Also, you don’t have to take a bath, put on your best top, and go out of the house to shop for clothes, appliances, and almost anything under the sun because you can do it on your computer. Even education has been made accessible to those who don’t have time to be in school with the help of online courses.

And like most of the great ideas of man, it had a drawback. Since customers didn’t have to go out to deal with people, some companies have to let go of some employees including travel agents, car dealers, and many more. However, with all of these going on, real state brokers and agents remained unscathed and seem to even grow stronger.

Though there had been many sites put up to help buyers and sellers decide whether a property is a feasible investment or not, there are still more benefits in hiring a real state agent rather than doing it all by yourself. According to a study from Stanford University in 2008, homeowners are able to reduce the eventual selling price from 5.9 to 7.7 percent when they hire a real state agent. Also, selling a house or buying one can be a very stressful process, and it is a rather wise choice to deal with an expert real state professional rather than having to study the market trends, negotiate price, and do tons of marketing on your own.

There is a number of real state websites that buyers and sellers access today, which provides detailed information of properties, an estimate of your property’s worth, and even predict the investment return. These sites include Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and Realtors.com. These sites compile publicly available data in order to give you a sense of how your property fare s in the current market. However, instead of overshadowing a realtor’s job, these sites refer motivated sellers or buyers to agents and brokers in the area. They offer subscription to real state companies that allow them (realtors) to connect to members of the site. The realtors will then get in touch with leads generated from the websites, and make your life easier than researching and selling your property yourself.