Your Sphere of Influence as a Real Estate Marketing Lead

Posted on September 16, 2011 by IC N in Marketing

yours. With frequent and patientfollow-up, these people can be a possible buyer or seller.


As a real estate agent / investor then, talking to your friends, family and co-workers and telling them that you can help them buy or sell their home is the very first marketing ideathat can help you jump start you business. These people, whom can be referred to asyour “Sphere of Influence” are a powerful tool to spread your business. Since we allknow the mighty power of word-of-mouth publicity, it is safe to say that relatives andfriends can be a good advertisement tool. In addition, people are more likely to choosean agent referred by a friend whom they trust and have confidence with.

However, using your sphere of influence as your new realtor marketing method needsto be approached with some caution. Trying to generate leads and businesses fromthese people can burn a lot of bridges and relationships. You would not want to bethe guy or girl everyone avoids in a party when they see you coming down the hall, would you? Therefore, you need to use this tool properly. Do not shove your business down people’s throats and choke them to annoyance and death with your sales talk.

Instead, approach them with tact and with the intention of not selling to them directly.This can be done by writing a nice personal letter to all of your friends, family, relatives,and professional contacts telling them of your services and asking them to refer you topeople who are in need of an agent’s skill and expertise. Convey your desire to helpspread the word about you and your business to their other friends and contacts.

By using this convenient marketing lead, you will soon have enough contacts and referrals to last you throughout the year.